A downloadable HololiveFan for Windows

Be familiar with movelist and try to get high score !

If you want to upload your score on the global rank list, please make sure your network available.

The game supports joystick but I don't make tutorial for it yet :P


HoloScores_v0.2.zip 327 MB


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Very fast paced game!

I liked the tutorial prompts that teach little by little the different moves in the game. I also liked the variety of moves you can use.

Some improvement opportunities:

- It's a bit difficult to rotate the camera while trying to attack, since it requires the mouse. This is probably easier with controller. You could add a simple graphic to the game page showing the gamepad buttons until you can add the tutorial in the game.

- It would be nice to have an arrow pointing to off-screen adversaries, to be ready to guard when necessary. Adversary distance could also be helpful.

I managed to rank 4th! :D

Good game!

Thank s dude :)

think so funny

Glad to hear that :)